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AQUILAA Consultancy was created based on the wisdom and specialisation of founders, from the passion for business and local know-how and new markets awareness, making that experience available to the client. At Aquilaa we dedicate the consulting and representation of companies in the most diverse Qatar market and various sectors of economic activity. We constantly work to contact more business and new transactions as well as open new market opportunity, so that your customer and partners achieve success, resulting from your internationalisation


Our main goal is to support companies in their rapid implementation into the chosen international market Maximum efficiency possible, following a business plan with local representation of Aquilaa. This allows for an effective cost tracking and thus ensures the existence of extra expense. By working with us on your internationalisation process you will have access to all the know-how and necessary knowledge for a successful entry into Qatar market.

our main focus is to obtain success in sales and therefore generate profit and recognition from our clients and partners, throughout demanding, pragmatic, marketing approach oriented for success. with Aquilaa, your company has one single contact point with the market and will coordinate all the relevant measures and services in your name. we have entrepreneurial style, and we love to produce results!


We Aquilaa insert and see provide a wide range of services that are focused on the internationalisation results and on general or occasional support - which begins with the original idea, the strategy, market studies and marketing, leading to sales. Aquilaa will carry out the representation and presentation of products and services locally, in a personalised way and with this employees technical know-how in several branches of business marketing and sales. These are benefit from working in partnership with Aquilaa.

By consulting us, you will have a general understanding of services, methods and how we can develop, marker your product for Qatar market. Trust our team of sales consultant who are dedicated and experienced professionals. You will have to dedicate yourself to what is important for your company with the projects, the services, innovation and regarding Aquilaa, the strategy of the markets. Do not worry about local bureaucracies, expenses with staff, holidays, vehicles, other expenses, visa etc.


We help organizations successfully internationalize, expanding their reach to extract more value from Qatar markets.


Fluency in foreign cultures requires confidence, the ability to build relationships and the capacity to negotiate effectively.


Given the global nature of work and the varied cultures of your business partners, clients and colleagues, building.


Growing beyond your home market can be a risky undertaking without clearly understood strategies and objectives.


Marrying the right business partner to grow your organization's presence and/or capabilities is often the right strategy


Marketing's tool kit is at its most powerful when you use its tools creatively and in the right sequence


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